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Through many years of dedicated work and service, Malta has established itself as key player in the financial service sector; quickly adapting to the changes that hightened AML regulations have brought on the industry, it continues to attract informed investors into taking advantage of it’s supportive and clear legal infrastructure.

Having an accessible Authority and a multi disciplinary pool of experienced service makes Malta an attractive jurisdiction to those seeking to set up any type of business.

We advise on and assist with:

  • Setting up of or re-domiciling a corporate structure in Malta
  • Division and company liquidation
  • Opening of accounts with banks and payment institutions
  • Directors’ duties and responsibilities
  • Drafting and vetting of commercial service or cooperation agreements
  • Negotiations relating to agreements concerning sales and marketing, outsourcing, and logistics


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up a company in Malta ?

EU and non-Eu nationals are able to set up a Maltese company, so long as they are fit and proper individuals. 

A private company may have one shareholder (single member company), and a maximum of fifty shareholders, while public companies must have at least two shareholders and no limit on the number of shareholders they may have.

The most important thing is that there is a clear understanding on the intended activity of the company for it to be determined whether further specific regulations would need to be considered and which the tax rules will apply to the entity and its shareholder/s.

How do I set up a company in Malta

 Setting up a company is typically straight forward, but before incorporating such an entity it would be important for you to  communicate your expectations to your consultant .

The intended activity must be clearly established for anyone to successfully avail themselves of the efficiencies which the Maltese jurisidiction affords; and also  understand whether the company will need to abide by specific regulations.

Do I need to be in Malta to set up a Maltese company ?

Any person seeking to set up a Maltese entity need not be physically present in Malta to do so.

The process may undertaken by appointing an appropriate representative to coordinate all matters and also sign the required documentation on your behalf. 



What are the corporate ta rates in Malta ?

Malta taxes corporate profits at 35%.

That said, Malta’s full imputation system  entitles shareholders to claim a credit for the tax paid by the company and ensures that distributions out of taxed company profits are not subject to further tax in the hands of the shareholders.

Upon receipt of a dividend, shareholders may claim a refund of all or part of the corporate tax paid, with such being determined according to the type and source of the income received by the company, with such refunds ranging from 2/3rds up to 100% of the corporate tax paid.




Do I need an office in Malta ?

Every company registered in Malta must have a registered office in Malta.

It is not required for one to secure a property for this specific purpose, but the only alternative is and for the company’s registered address to be at the office of a local firm of lawyers, accountants or other providers of corporate services. 

Can I be the sole director of my Maltese company ?

By law, a private company must have at least one (1) director and a public company must have at least two (2) directors.  

A company secretary must also be appointed in all cases. This role be  occupied by the person appointed as a director.

Although there is no legal requirement for any director or the company secretary to be a Maltese national or a Maltese resident, it is recommended that a Maltese resident director be appointed, so as to add substance to the business being conducted. This is all the more pertinent in the case of foreign owned companies conducting foreign trade, which need to focus on ensuring that their permanent establishment within the jurisdiction cannot be questioned.