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Malta Startup Residence Programme

Malta has announced the launch of the Malta Startup Residence Programme, a new residency option developed and managed by Residence Malta Agency in collaboration with Malta Enterprise. The Programme is intended to grant non-EU entrepreneurs starting innovative...

Your guide to buying Immovable Property in Malta

Acquiring immovable property is always an exciting prospect, and while it can be a stressful and expensive enterprise, being prepared and involving the right people will help ensure that you achieve what you set out to do as comfortably and expediently as possible....

Malta Covid-19 – Red List Countries – Update

Malta's Covid-19 rules and policy continue to adapt to maintain the appropriate balance between the country's health and economic well being. By virtue of Legal Notice 369 of 2021 - Travel Ban (Extension to All Countries) (Amendment No. 6) Order, 2021, on Thursday...

Covid19 – Residents of Malta may avoid Quarantine Hotel

Maltese residents can now spend their quarantine at home.

Maltese Citizenship by Investment – Where does the money go ?

If you are interested in becoming a Maltese citizen by way of naturlisation under ESDI rules, or simply curious to know what happens to the economic contributions Malta receives from applicants who have been approved, you will be please to note that the Government has...

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate and Health Screening requirements for renewal of Maltese work permit

The Deputy Prime Minister has issued new guidelines on Health Screening for Renewal of Work Permit. Non-EU citizens coming from VERY HIGH RISK TUBERCULOSIS COUNTRY, seeking to renew their Maltese work/residence permit are now required to prove that they have completed...

New Customs and VAT e-commerce Parcel Regulations

From the 1st of July 2021 a number of amendments to EU Directive 2006/112/EC will come into force and affect the Customs and VAT rules applicable to cross-border business-to-consumer e-commerce activities. The Customs controls and VAT levied when purchasing goods from...

The Nomad Residence Permit

The Nomad Residence Permit (NRP) was launched by  Residency Malta Agency and Identity Malta with the aim of  attracting non-EU nationals who have adopted remote work arrangements to reside in Malta. Individuals who qualify will be able to reside in Malta while...

Use of Cash (Restriction) Regulations, 2021

Through L.N. 81 of 2021 the Minister for Finance, acting on the advice of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, has introduced tight restrictions on the use of cash for certain payments and transactions to bolster Malta's regulatory arsenal in combating money...

Launch of our new office in Valletta

We are immensely  proud to have opened the doors to our new offices in Valletta. We would like to take this opportunity to thank family, close friends and clients for their unending support. Without their help and encouragement this new chapter would certainly have...
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Frequently Asked questions
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    Can I visit Malta ?

    Malta is known to be a spectacular and safe touristic destination. You just need to determine your immigration rights, to understand whether your nationality affords you visa free travel to the Schengen Area or whether you need to apply for a visa in advance.

    If you are a non-EU national, we recommend you keep a few things in mind. Keep track of the days of your visit, particularly if think you travel plans may change. This will help avoid over staying your welcome and possibly being unceremoniously deported from Maltese territory and being banned from entering the Schengen Area for a number years.

    Click here for information on Malta’s latest Covid-19 measures.

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    Can I reside in Malta ?

    It is possible to register as a Maltese resident, but the right to do so varies depending on your nationality.

    While EU/EEA and Swiss nationals enjoy the right of freedom of movement and establishment in any Member State, nationals of all other countries (TCNs) are subject to more stringent rules, when it comes to qualifying for a Maltese residence permit.

    TCNs intent on residing in Malta should seek clear advice on the immigration status which may be available to them before making any arrangements to relocate.

    Click here for the for further information on the Malta’s residence programme.

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    Can I work in Malta ?

    Yes Malta welcomes a variety of job seekers, be they looking to serve as part of the low or high skilled work force.

    There is a distinction between EU and non-EU nationals, with respect to the ease with which one may secure the right to work.

    While EU nationals are able to come over, seek work and be gainfully employed very quickly; non-EU nationals will be required to submit an application which will take the relevant authority between 1 and 4 months to process, depending on the position being applied as well as the employment arrangement.

    In both cases employment is a good route to securing residence status in Malta, which offers robust legislation protecting local and foreign workers equally.

    Click here for the for further information on Employment in Malta.

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    Can I become a citizen of Malta ?

    Yes it is possible to become a citizen of Malta in a variety of ways, all of which are considered in our Citizenship Act – Chapter 188 of the Laws of Malta and relevant subsidiary legislation.

    Click here for the for further information on the Malta’s ESDI regulations concerning naturalization by direct investment.

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    Can I buy property in Malta ?

    Certainly, the property sector is big business in Malta and recent years have seen an increase in the development of both residential and commercial immovable property.

    Given that the island has quite a finite amount of space, property has long been a go to investment for locals and foreigner alike.

    That said, there are restrictions. Foreigners seeking to invest in immovable property should first determine whether the property in which they are interested is located within a Special Designated Area (SDA) or not.

    While SDAs are considered free trade areas, the acquisition of any other property will be more limited and likely to require an Acquisition of Immovable property Permit (AIP).

    Having a passion for property, as well as extensive experience advising clients in selecting and acquiring the best investments, we would be delighted to guide and represent you throughout the process and ensure that this is as expedient and stress free transaction.

    Click here for the for further information on acquiring property in Malta.

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    Can I start a business in Malta ?

    The island prides itself in its transparent legal frame work and robust economic infrastructure, both of which are needed for any business to thrive; be this intent on servicing either the local or international market.

    All the necessary services and professional support are readily available and driven to maintain the European standard which every EU Member State represents.

    With the support of its representative bodies, the Maltese Government continues to develop policies geared towards incentivising business, be they large scale employers or eager start-ups.

    While setting up a company is an option available to the majority of reputable individuals, acting as a self-employed individual is an opportunity easily availed of by EU nationals alone, with nationals from other countries being required to get approval from the authorities and satisfy a number of obligations.

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    What are Malta's tax rates ?

    The Commissioner for Revenue is responsible for the administration and collection of income tax (including Capital Gains & Tax on Property Transfers), Duty on Documents & Transfers, Value added Tax and Customs & Excise duties and is also responsible for the collection of Social Security Contributions.

    While the personal income tax rates currently being applied may be found here, it is important to note that the extent to which these are levied depends on and individual’s domicile and residence status.

    Maltese companies are subject to a flat rate of 35% tax on, however as Malta implements a full tax imputation system, designed to eliminate any double taxation that might arise on the distribution of such dividends, this means that, following the distribution of dividends, shareholders are entitled to a refund of part or of all the tax paid by the company. Depending on how the company generated its profits, a shareholder may be entitled to claim a refund be equivalent to either 2/3rds, 5/7ths, 6/7ths or 100% of the income tax paid.

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    What should I do when visiting Malta ?

    While Malta is rather a small place, it does boast a very rich history.

    Tourism was typically seasonal, but that’s changed, so be sure to plan ahead.

    To really get the most out of your trip you should do some preliminary research, to understand which locations will most intrigue you. For a good source of ideas click here.

    You will certainly be surprised by the depth of the island’s culture, and be it by choice or coincidence you should expect to revisit the same spots, allowing you to truly take in all the detail.

    Restaurants, hotels and guest stays abound, catering to both the discerning, as well as the thrifty traveler.

    Things are always changing so we’re happy to recommend our current preferences.

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    When can we meet ?

    Any meeting would be subject to appointment, but we are available to receive your calls from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00 CET.

    While we would be delighted to receive you at our office in the Valletta, we are flexible and available to meet you wherever might be most comfortable.

    Click here for directions to our office.

    We look forward to hearing from you.