family office

Working closely with a number of high-net-worth clients has given us the opportunity to collaborate with various Family Office set-ups, helping refine our role as a local branch of support and key point of contact in Malta

It is exciting to be part of a dedicated and trusted team, that tends to diverse needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Assisting discerning individuals establish and develop connections in Malta, brings our role to the fore. Adapting to the operations and methods of approach of well-established family offices is intrinsic to maintaining the quality of service our clients are accustomed to.

We value the personal relationships we have built above all else and work to ensure that our clients’ Maltese experience makes them proud and eager ambassadors of the country. 

Some of the things we do

Virtual Office

Embracing the the plethora of online tools that are continually being developed is key to maintaining your competitive edge.

The traditional office concept has fundamentally changed so we are here to help those who are keen to take advantage of the efficiencies that are available.

We guide and assist clients with:


  • Website development and management;
  • Setting up Email and Document Sharing facilities;
  • Developing tailor made IT Platforms;
  • Setting up Electronic Signature facilities;
  • Remote Monitoring and Management;
  • IT hardware procurement;
  • Setting up dedicated phone lines and call forwarding arrangments.

Property Management

It’s not uncommon for a client to frequent their Maltese property only occasionally.

This does not mean that anyone can afford to simply disregard their investment until their next visit; or at least it’s not something we recommend.

Other than the pleasure of being able to return to a comfortable and stress free space, our clients understand the value of having trusted persons maximise their return on investment, whether this be in terms of their personal enjoyment, financial return or both.

We help ensure that our clients’ properties are meticulously maintained and where possible leased to help supplement the cost of ownership.

Clients are able to tailor their service portfolio to their needs, with the added benefit of knowing they will be served by the best people in the business, including architects and designers, estate agents and property maintenance services (including IT and Smart Home infrastructure, pool, landscaping and general up-keep).

Aircraft, Yacht and Vehicle Management