Due Diligence

Money laundering, terrorist financing, the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, threatening the integrity of the international financial system, a few of the things we need to prove we’re not involved with simply to open a savings account these days.

While it certainly isn’t fun for anyone, the system we depend certainly needs our collective help and patience.

Adjusting to the new norm has been a rude awakening to some, but for most it should only be an intermittent inconvenience, which will be rewarded. 

Any due diligence exercise will reveal matters which may have overlooked and possibly effect ones integrity in the eyes of business partners, licensed institutions and government authorities.

Trust is no longer just a subjective element; being fully transparent and organised is key to being able to efficiently and efficiently reassure any counter-party that your intentions are legitimate.

Be prepared and those with whom you’re dealing will quickly appreciate the efforts made to help expedite the process, leading to quicker turn around times and better professional relationships.

We work closely with our clients to develop and maintain their personal and corporate DD portfolios and endeavor to ensure that their efforts translate into tangible advantages in the personal and business affairs.

Some of the Things we do

Passport Verification

We compare the generated code to the code printed at the bottom of the data page (the MRZ code); if they do not match, then the passport is not a valid document (falsified, forged, etc). This is not a very good security system, since the algorithm required to generate the code is public and any halfway competent forger can generate a correct code but it is the only security available.

C6 Checks

The C6 service provides information on names listed on a wide range of sanction lists (EU, US, UN, UK, plus others), a PEP register and adverse media on the name searched. This information is available on a worldwide basis. The information is comprehensive and up to date but, as with all services of this sort is not complete; there will be omissions, particularly on the PEP register and the adverse media lists.

Note that C6 regularly updates its data and reviews profiles it holds on names; once in a while, this will be the case with a name you are interested in. In this case, we contact C6 directly for an update. Note also that if you have a client you have suspicions, or negative information, about, and that person does not have a profile on the C6 database, we will make a report to C6 upon which they carry out their own research and update their information

Private Client Assessment


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