Whether an individual be preparing to establish a business relationship, applying for service from a regulated institution or seeking assistance from a government authority, they will be expected to present legally recognised and valid documentation to allow them to take things forward.

We assist clients in preparing the appropriate contracts, forms and personal documentation required for their specific need; while also bringing ancillary considerations to light, to allow them to be better prepared for the task at hand.

Understanding the depth with which laws and policies effect every aspect of our lives has driven us to focus on that which we know and to continue to develop the best professional connections to ensure our clients’ interest are best served.


We help With preparing or securing the following:

Power of Attorney

For clients seeking to grant either general or special powers of representations to another person, a power of attorney document is indispensable.

It is essential that the document prepared be one which is clear and comfortably relied upon by any other third party.

Determining our clients’ specific requirements and identifying the limits which will best serve them, helps ensure peace of mind and expediency of process.

Sworn Declarations

For individuals requiring the preparation of a declaration on oath (affidavit) we are available to draft the required declaration and have the affirmation administered by a Commissioner of Oaths.

We assist client in the preparation of such declarations.


Contract Drafting

Having extensive experience in negotiating, structuring and drafting  contracts relating to a variety sectors our focus is on understanding
the full context of our client’s requirements and expectations.

We assist with all stages of contract
preparation and are geared to tailoring the document required as well as vetting those which may have beem provided to our clients for their consideration.

Our advice is to never take any standard terms lightly and to always seek to properly understand the full extent of the obligations being presented before committing to anything.

Corporate Documentation

It is possible for a Maltese lawyer or notary to prepare true certified copies of original corporate documents, certain document/certificates must necessarily have been issued in by the Malta Business Registry (MBR), for these to be apostilled or legalised by Malta’s Foreign Affairs Office.

Being registered with the MBR affords us access to any corporate document filed by any locally registered entity, allowing us to attain the most up to date corporate information available.

Police conduct certificates

For individuals requiring a Maltese police conduct certificate but are unable to attend the office of the police in person, we may assist as required to attain the document on their behalf.

Public Registry certificates

For individuals requiring any Maltese public registry certificate but are unable to attend the Public Registry in person, we may represent them as required to attain the document on their behalf.

Certification and Notarisation

While in certain instances one has no option but to hand the original over, it is usually normally possible for these to be supplemented by certified or notarised copies.

Whether a client requires a document to be legally certified or notarised, we are able to assist.

We are available to certify any document that you may require in so far as this is presented to us in original, and are registered with Malta’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowing us to have the same Apostilled and therefore recognised by any party to Hague Convention of 5th October 1961

By virtue of Article 634 (2) of Chapter 12 of the Laws of Malta, titled the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure, we also are bestowed with the capacity to testify to the authenticity of signatures.

Translation of documents

Though the original version of a number of documents/certificates may not be available in the language format required, this may be easily addressed by supporting the same with certified translations.

It is important to consider that Government Authorities will only recognise documents submitted in their official language and that providing any text in the native language to a foreign partner will always help instill trust.

We work with the transition services agencies that we know will best serve our clients needs, to ensure that the documents prepared are precise and delivered on time.

Apostille and Legalisation

Apostille or legalisation certificates are typically required when a document is prepared for use outside of Malta’s territory; ensuring that the documents to which they are affixed are duly recognised in the country where they are to be used.

Malta is party to Hague Convention of 5th October 1961, and as such the authentication and verification of the signature of those individuals whom the Law specifically acknowledges as authorized to attest to the originality of any persons’ signature is the power and responsibility of Malta’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Documents destined for countries that have not signed The Hague Convention on the recognition of Apostille certificates will require a Legalisation certificate from the Ministry.

Legalisation certificates would have to be counter-legalised by the representative diplomatic mission of the country where the document is to be presented. Where a diplomatic representation is not available in Malta, the document must be sent to the Embassy accredited to Malta abroad.

Being registered with Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows for us prepare documents as required.