Non – EU

The Immigration Act (Cap217) regulates the entry and permanence in Malta of non-Maltese citizens with Article 11 of the Act specifically considered which persons are required to obtain Employment Licence (or Work Permit) to be able to exercise any profession or occupation or hold any appointment or be employed by any other person or engage in business.

At present, with the exception of citizens from the EEA/Switzerland and their family members, all foreign nationals require authorisation to work in Malta.

We advise on and assist with:

  • Registering  employers to allow them to apply for non-EU employees;
  • Vetting the suitability of prospective employees;
  • Preparing the submission of Single Permit applications and their renewal; 
  • Drafting or employment contracts;
  • Posting of Workers;
  • Visa applications.

Oathbound Consultancy is registered on Identity Malta’s online single permit portal and may be assigned to represent and organisation for the purpose of coordinating single permit applications.  

Frequently Asked questions

What is the Single permit ?

A single permit is a combined title encompassing both residence and work permits within a single administrative act. 

So while it specifically concerns ones right  to take up employment in Malta, the Single Permit also authorizes non-EU nationals to legally reside in the country for a defined period, which may be renewed only if the employment arrangement remains valid.

An applicant may have an application submitted either whilst they are still-abroad or legally staying in Maltese territory.

Can I apply for a Single Permit ?

Non-EU nationals who have been offered gainful employment by a local employer and shall normally or habitually be carrying out work and residing in Malta’ for at least half the duration of the licence, would be eligible for a single permit.

All single permit applications are prepared and submitted electronically by the respective employer to the Authority through the dedicated online portal.

The Prospective employer will be required to advertise the job position details and deliver a vacancy profile form to the respective Authority. 

How long is the Single permit application process?

Under normal circumstances, the average processing time of a Single Permit Application is between six to eight weeks.

This time frame may be longer if the Authority is required to conduct additional security checks or verification on the your suitability, but may take longer that the four months’ stipulated by the said EU Directive.

Once the application is approved you will be required to attend an appointment with the Authority for bio-metric capture for your Maltese residence card to be issued. You should expect be notified by post to collect the card in person within 5 weeks of the appointment.

How Long is a Single Permit valid for ?

Single Permits are generally valid for 12-months.

While there are exceptions, these usually relate to qualifying highly skilled employment positions. 

There is no limit to how many times a Single Permit may be renewed, so your main concern should be the duration of your employment contract.


How do I renew my Single Permit ?

You will need to ensure that the application for the renewal of your Single Permit applications is coordinated within ninety (90) days from the date of expiry of your residence permit.

Keep in mind that an application for the renewal of your Single Permit may only be submitted while your current residence permit is still valid.

Applications for renewal are prepared and submitted electronically by the respective employer to the Authority through the dedicated online portal.

You will be able to continue to work while your renewal application is being processed.

Can I change my employer ?

Yes it is possible, however you must keep in mind that a Single Permit is endorsed by a specific employer and the permit would cease to apply if you no longer remain in the specified employment.

Do not terminate your employment before you are certain that you have a secure offer from another Maltese employer, to avoid being unable to work or jeopardizing your right to reside in Malta.

Your new employer will need to apply for your change of employment, which would involve a similar process to that required for your original Single Permit.

It would also be important for you to consider any notice periods that you may be bound to when considering changing your current employer.